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WW2 airplane bulletWWII & AFTERMATH INDEX WW2 airplane bullet

Published Historical Fiction and Non Fiction about World War Two by Helena Schrader:

WW2 airplane bullet Codename Valkyrie WW2 airplane bullet
General Friedrich Olbricht was a leading member of the German Resistance to Hitler and the originator of Plan Valkyrie. This is his story, the first biography of him in the English language. It is based on documents from the former East Germany and hundreds of interviews with survivors of the war. It demonstrates Olbricht's central role in the July 20th Plot and refutes the claims (originating with Hitler himself) that only a small number of conspirators were involved and that Graf Stauffenberg was the sole important participant.

WW2 airplane bullet Blockade Breakers WW2 airplane bullet
When the post-war Soviet military government in Germany abruptly put the Western Sectors of Berlin under siege (the Berlin Blockade), nearly two million German civilians found themselves cut off from supplies of food, fuel, electricity and other basic necessities.  The American and British occupation forces had the choice of abandoning these Germans, struggling to create a democratic government after years of Nazi dictatorship, or find a way to supply them with all they needed.  Since use of force meant war with the Soviets, the Western Allies took a dramatic and unprecedented decision to supply the city by air.  The result was the Berlin Airlift, the largest and most successful airlift the world has ever known.

WW2 airplane bulletAn Obsolete HonorWW2 airplane bullet
Set in Germany during the Second World War, this novel traces the gradual transformation of a loyal - albeit critical - German General Staff Officer into a traitor and assassin candidate.  Secondary characters in the novel reflect the great diversity of feelings toward National Socialism from idealistic enthusiasm to self-interested support, cautious approval and humanitarian opposition.

WW2 airplane bulletChasing the WindWW2 airplane bullet
This Battle of Britain novel weaves together the stories of an Auxiliary Air Force Fighter Squadron, a career RAF pilot of Training Command, a Luftwaffe fighter pilot and a member of the Luftwaffe’s women’s auxiliary.  The stress of battle reveals the strengths and weakness of the participants as their fates become entwined.

WW2 airplane bulletThe Lady in the SpitfireWW2 airplane bullet
A mid-air near collision between a damaged Flying Fortress and an RAF bomber is the catalyst which brings Lt. Jay Baronowsky and Emily Priestman, a pilot of the Air Transport Auxiliary, together.  The encounter is the start of a war-time romance shadowed by the intangible presence of Emily's missing husband (a RAF pilot in Chasing the Wind).

WW2 airplane bullet Sisters in Arms WW2 airplane bullet
During World War II, women pilots in the US and the UK flew military aircraft in support capacities.  The women pilots in the UK, who flew with the ATA,  enjoyed the privileges and status of their male colleagues.  Their counter parts in the US, The WASPs, were denied equality of opportunity and status and sent home before their job was done.  This book explains why.


WW2 airplane bulletGeneral Friedrich Olbricht: Ein Mann des 20. JulisWW2 airplane bullet
Non-fiction biography (in German), published 1993/1994 (two editions)

Olbricht was a leading member of the German Resistance to Hitler.  This biography of him, based on a wealth of previously inaccessible documents from the former East Germany and hundreds of interviews with survivors of the war, demonstrates the central role Olbricht played in the July 20th Plot and revises many previous assumptions about Resistance within Germany in WWII.


WW2 airplane bullet > "The Battle of Britain in Historical Perspective"
WW2 airplane bullet "Women in Military Aviation in World War Two"
WW2 airplane bullet Winged Auxiliaries : Women Pilots in the UK and US during World War Two"

Reprinted from the "THE JOURNAL OF NAVIGATION", 2006


WW2 airplane bullet RAF WWII Photo Gallery
WW2 airplane bullet Luftwaffe - Helferninnen Women Auxiliary Photo Gallery
WW2 airplane bullet WWll Women Pilots: ATA and WASP Photo Gallery
WW2 airplane bulletWWII Symbol Gallery

Helena Schrader has also done extensive research on the German military staff plots to assasinate Hitler during World War II.  Be sure to visit her website The Valkyrie Conspiracy devoted to this subject.  You may read some of her summarized conclusions on the German Resistance and various assasination attempts below:

Further Reading:

WW2 airplane bulletFurther reading on Germany in WWII, the German Resistance and Army




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