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WW2 planeThese links will connect you to related areas of information on WWII.

Templar cross These links are great sites for more information/resources on the Medieval period and the Knights Templar.

  ancient vase   These links are excellent for further information/resources on ancient Sparta.

Friend icon  These links put you in touch with very interesting, helpful and loving people on the web.

Sit back, start clicking, and browse your way through some pages that are very enjoyable.


ancient vaseAncient Greece - Crystal Links

For a good index to a variety of topics related to Ancient Greece.  Although not directly related to Sparta, I found the section on the Gordion Knot fascinating.

ancient vaseAncient Sparta Articles

For a good anthology of articles about Sparta.  All of the information is presented as an on-line link list.

WW2 planeThe British Air Transport Auxiliary Website

This site is dedicated to the memory of the American women flyers who volunteered to ferry aircraft for the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy in wartime Great Britain, from 1942-45.  This project is an initiative of Ann Wood-Kelly, herself a former ATA pilot, and is the result of her desire to keep the flame alive for the first women to fly military aircraft.

WW2 planeThe Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII

This site has a good listing of links for further information on these specific subjects.

This is a comprehensive site with further links.  It has more details as to the finer points of the various decisions the pope made regarding the order which are interesting.

Friend iconCrystal Cloud Graphics

Designer of this web site.   I am thrilled with this site, I knew Kythera Ann was talented, but this is beyond my wildest dreams.   At Crystal Cloud Graphics you can commission designs such as this, or you can take advantage of the many free web sets and graphics the site offers.

Friend iconElysium Gates Web Host

This is where I am hosting my web site.   The service is excellent, the prices are reasonable.   I love the community feeling, contests and message boards.   Best is that the fees also go to help charities! 

A lengthier, chronological history of the Knights Templar.  This is a well researched site with many quotes from other historical texts.

If you like historical novels, this is a great site to surf.  At present, the Historical Novel Society boasts over 900 members world-wide: authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, general readers, and more. The Historical Novels Review aims to review every new work of adult historical fiction released in the USA or the UK.  Selected titles from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are also reviewed, as are selected children's/young adult titles, for a grand total of over 800 reviews per year.  If you love Helena's books, please consider telling them.   Best Novels

Visit this site for a simplified, chronological history.  There is a short synopsis of each period of history.

"The Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of women in aviation and space and the documentation of their continuing contributions today and in the future."

By Malcolm Barber.  A good concise and serious history/description of the Knights Templar.  This article is well written, and addresses the sensationalism surrounding this subject.

Friend iconLance'sLot of Business Services

Need help with taxes?   Need help with your business accounts?   Need a specially designed Excel spreadsheet?   This is the knight to slay your accounting dragons!  

This section of the Royal Air Force site celebrates the history of the service and its pioneering role in the development of aviation, from its earliest beginnings to the present day.  I found of special interest their section on the ATA, "Women with Wings."

This is a great web site with tons of information, pictures, videos and more.  There is a whole section called "World War II Aircraft Hangar" with over 60 aircraft and missiles are on display in the Air Power Gallery. The displays include examples of WWII Army Air Force pursuit aircraft and bombers.  The "Museum History Gallery" is a virtual gallery that presents some of the thousands of 'wall' displays present in the actual Museum in the various indoor galleries.  Also there is a huge section called "Women Pilots in WWII" it is very worthwhile to visit.

WW2 planeWASP, Women Pilots of WWII

A project to document, digitize, publish and preserve the history of the  WOMEN AIRFORCE SERVICE PILOTS of World War II into an exciting and unique multi-media VIRTUAL MUSEUM where kids of all ages can log on and learn about the first women in history to fly American military aircraft: the WASP! Human indexed search engine.




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