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This biography of a leading member of the German Resistance to Hitler was initially written as a Ph.D. dissertation.  It was published in German (under my maiden name, Helena P. Page) by Bouvier Verlag, Bonn, in 1993 (2nd ed. 1994).  The work resulted in a Ph.D. in History cum laude from the University of Hamburg because it demonstrated the central role played by General Friedrich Olbricht and revised many previous assumptions about the contributions of other participants.  In particular, the analysis of the events of July 1944 represented "an analytical masterpiece, which eliminates many of the absurdities of the popular description of events." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

At the time the research was conducted, prior to German Reunification in 1990, I was the only Western historian to have gained access to the military and municipal archives of the GDR (East Germany).  In addition, the National Archives in Washington, DC provided access to original documents of the German Reichswehr and Wehrmacht, OSS and the US Department of State.  The book also draws on all the surviving personal documents of General Olbricht, generously put at my disposal by the widow and son-in-law, and on interviews with more than 35 individuals who had personally known General Olbricht.

This book was published in German.  A re-write of the book in English will be released in 2009 under the title of Codename Valkyrie.

Be sure to visit Helena's site:

 The Valkyrie Conspiracy

for well researched information and articles on General Olbrict
and many other aspects and individuals involved in the military German Resistance
to the Nazi regime, including various assasination attempts.




NOTE: In building this site, I thought about many things - such as what spelling standard I should use in referring to World War II, and what keyword spelling people might use in a search engine to find this page.  I found it interesting to note the following numbers of page listings for the various ways one might type World War II into a search engine. 

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bullet  21,600 for w.w. two
bullet  804,000 for W.W.2
bullet  7,130,000 for w.w.II (using the capital i for the 2)
bullet  46,300 for w.w.ll (using the lower case l for the 2)

Note that capitalization, punctuation and spacing changes introduced no differences.  So if you are looking for information on a particular subject, remember to use all variations of the wrods related to the subject.  The pages a search engine will give you to look at will vary with each method. Also in general, I have referred to World War II on these pages using WWII (using the capital i for the 2).


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